Lost Mom

Have I mentioned that Oliver is a pudding head? It seems to be a phenomena common to grey kittens. Their heads are filled with nothing but puddin’. That, we believe, is why they like the claw more than other cats – because their brains need to be tamped down every once in a while.

This is why Oliver can lose his Girl mere seconds after leaving her. And using common sense to figure out where she might be when he hasn’t seen her in a while? Not going to happen.

Last night I was in bed reading. The Boy was in the reading nook, also reading. Oliver had been sleeping in the living room and I didn’t wake him up when I left. Now, you would think that it would be obvious – being nighttime – where I’d gone. But no. You would think – since the upstairs lights are visible from the living room – that he could figure it out. But no.

WHERE IS MY GIRL came the cry from downstairs.

“Oliver, I’m upstairs,” I called.

Little white feet pit patted to the top of the stairs. WHERE IS MY GIRL?

“Hello, Oli,” said The Boy. “I’m in here, Bunny,” I said.

Pit pat pit pat to the loveseat in the reading nook. WHERE IS MY GIRL?

“Do you want to come read with me?” asked The Boy.


“Oliver! I am in here.” This would be a good point to remind you that the our bedroom is open to the reading nook, except for the chimney. Had he looked slightly to the side while walking to the loveseat he would have seen me. Plus, my light was on.



Pitpatpitpatpitpatpitpatpitpat. The Girl!

I was stomped upon by a grey kitten like I had been missing for hours. Obviously these five minutes since he woke up from his evening nap were very harrowing. I lifted the covers for him and Oliver plunked down, his head on the pillow with me. I tucked him in and continued reading.

And a little snore came from the pudding head.

3 responses to “Lost Mom

  1. I feel sorry for The Boy in all of this — I’m not sure I could have handled that kind of rejection.

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