Awaiting the Life-Giving Bolt of Lightning

I am usually in the reading nook during the day. Because of that, I usually don’t turn on a light. But today I needed to iron in the evening, thus a light was turned on. And that? Illuminated this.


Kitten Thunder has clearly been growing this minion in the corner of the reading nook for months if not years. Concealed from natural light, it has grown unchecked. It is now the size of a large kitten and is one life-giving lightning bolt away from joining the effort to get me out of bed before the breakfast bell goes off.

The people are going to have to do something about this before thunderstorm season.

And by the people, I mean The Boy. Floors are his job.


It is Thunder Thursday!

Today, we introduce you to Seffie. The new sister of Thunder over on Unlikely Explanations. This picture was taken in a rare moment of stillness.


9 responses to “Awaiting the Life-Giving Bolt of Lightning

  1. Yay! Seffie’s been Thursdified!

    Apparently the cats got bored while I was at work today. When I got home, I discovered they’d turned on the TV.

  2. Brilliant, they are carefully constructing their own brown kitten minion! *sigh* I want a minion

  3. The boy cleans the floors? Oh, you do have a keeper.

  4. Hiya Seffie! You are very pretty!

  5. Posts like this make the inrneett such a treasure trove

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