Obi’s Day

Played with a box on the floor.

The Girl said to knock it off but it was already on the floor. Played more.

The Girl got out of bed and stomped downstairs. She forgot to feed us so Oli and I went to the couch to remind her. She told us to forget it until the breakfast bell went off. She sounded mad so we went back upstairs to wait.

The breakfast bell went off. The Girl called us downstairs and fed us.

The Boy rubbed my belly. He went to work. Then the Girl and I went to work.

We did stuff at the box of light. We baked something in the white box of heat in the kitchen. I ate some of it when The Girl dropped it on the floor. It was okay…could have used some cheese or tuna.

Then we went back to the desk and the box of light. I watched from the condo. I sat on her lap. I napped on the other chair – I touched The Girl’s knee once in a while to let her know I was still there for her.

I laid down next to the box of light and rested an elbow on it. The Girl got all panicky and told me to stop typing. She kept moving me over but I wanted to lean on the box. Eventually she asked me to sit on her lap and we watched videos together until The Boy got home.

The Boy picked me up and mocked my pain. After a couple minutes he finally rubbed my belly. Then we played flat mousie game. He’s a good Boy.

Then The Boy had chicken soup and I got to lick the bowl. Good Boy.

Oliver was snuggling with The Girl. I wanted him to play so I jumped on them. He didn’t play back.

When The Girl was eating, Oliver did play with me. Then he snuggled with her some more so I could have some time off.

Now the day is over and Oliver say, unless The Girl does something other than watch TV, we can take the rest of the night off. So why am I talking to you people? I’m off to take a nap!


5 responses to “Obi’s Day

  1. This part made me laught: “The Boy picked me up and mocked my pain”

  2. Enjoy your nap! You deserve it after supervising The Girl all day.

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