Monthly Archives: March 2013

There is No Pope and Bears are Hibernating…

…so how is Obi supposed to say that yes, he does want his belly rubbed?

Sure, the next Pope will be Catholic. Sure, bears, in general, do pee in the woods. But what about right now? What smart alecky comment can he come back with right now?


When The Boy is downstairs for a long time, Obi will go down and tell him about the great boredom. The problem is that The Boy and Obi have this great fetching game…upstairs. And that is what Obi wants to play. They go up to the belly rubbing rug and find the flat mousie. He’s usually under the couch. The Boy will throw the mousie into the hallway and Obi will go and get it. He brings it back to the rug (sometimes the mousie puts up a fight and it takes a while) and The Boy will throw it again. It’s not exactly “fetch” so much as a deeply held belief by the brown kitten that mousies belong on the rug.

Almost all of his toys are in the living room, near the rug.

Last night, The Boy decided that Obi needed a basement mousie. We happen to have two flat mousies so he chose the other one – not Obi’s favorite mousie in all the world – for the basement relegation. He threw the mousie from the rug, into the hall, and Obi chased it. The Boy got it from Obi before he got back to the rug and threw the mousie into the kitchen. From there he threw it down the stairs. From there he threw it down the downstairs hallway. Thinking he had made it, he threw the mousie the length of the train layout and waited for Obi to bring it back to him.

Obi brought it back…

To the rug in the living room.

Mousies belong on the belly rubbing rug.

The Boy took the mousie back downstairs with him and it has remained downstairs for 24 hours. We’ll see what happens the first time they play with it.


Girl’s Night

The Boy was out of town this weekend for a train show so I decided to take advantage of his absence. I called Lori, kitteh sitter extraordinaire, and invited her over for some kitteh, couch, movie and pizza time. She brought candy.

I didn’t think of this as a girl’s night. For one thing, we watched The Dark Night Rises. And we were expecting two boys to hang out with us. But Kitten Thunder had other ideas.

Obi and I were playing when Lori arrived, so he made proper greetings. But then he disappeared. There were no kittehs while we cooked pizza. There were no kittehs while we ate pizza. There were no kittehs when we had empty pizza plates for licking.

I called Kitten Thunder. They came. Obi sat on the rug and looked at Lori for a while. I convinced Oliver to cuddle under the quilt. But then I think Oliver decided it was rude to cuddle with company. He grabbed Obi and they left.

We watched a movie, kitteh free, for over two hours.

After the movie, I called Kitten Thunder again. Again they came. Possibly because the rattle of candy sounded like the rattle of kitty treats. So we got out the kitty treats and Lori became very popular. Then she became more popular when she grabbed the brush and played the brushing game with Obi. Oliver doesn’t like to be brushed but he does like to watch the brushing game.

But then it was time to go home. The three of us walked Lori to the door and we were alone again in the Thunder household. Oliver and Obi both stretched – girl’s night is exhausting.

And they went up to bed.