And Then It Snowed.

We were expecting a huge amount of snow overnight. We only got four inches, not anything to talk about in Wyoming in April. When we were still anticipating, my boss (me) decided we would wear jeans today even if we still had meetings to go to today.

This morning, The Boy not only had to go to work but had to go early. No snow day for us. Oliver, though, decided we should have a delayed start.


And then it snowed.

As I was finishing up my coffee, I received a call about getting counters installed. I threw on some clothes and went out to shovel our walks for the counter guy. Jeff, from Jeff Channel fame, was also shoveling. The Boy and I are going to Croatia this spring and Lori isn’t available for kitteh sitting the whole time (has to go to Yellowstone for “work”). I asked Jeff if he would be willing to make a celebrity appearance.

He agreed.

And then it snowed.

The counter guy arrived and had to shovel again before bringing stuff in.


There is more to do tomorrow and Thursday, but then we’ll have a kitchen again! I have never realized how much I love my kitchen sink. It is wrong to use water from the bathroom to cook.

The kittens helped by inspecting the sink.


And then it snowed.

While the counters were being installed, I worked on jewelry for my friend Angie. She sent me a bunch of rocks to work with. Here’s Obi helping with my photography efforts.


And then I rammed my pliers into my hand and bled. A lot. And then it snowed. A lot.

One of my clients closed early so I didn’t have to go in.

And then it snowed.

My hair stylist called and cancelled our appointment.

And then it snowed.

The City closed its offices and The Boy came home.

And then it snowed.


The striations are kind of cool. By counting the rings we can see that this storm is 12 snow years old.

And still it snows.


7 responses to “And Then It Snowed.

  1. The Jeff Channel thing always cracks me up. Here we have the Cinderella neighbor kitty, Earl, Merle, and Pearl Squirrel, and bird channels.

    • Nice names! Tubbo the squirrel has a girlfriend, I think. She keeps stealing our muffins and bread and taking them up to the roof, rather than eating them on OutTV. That irritates us.

      The bird channel is on the opposite side of the house from The Jeff Channel – except when Obi’s favorite show, Wrens in Bushes, is on out the front window. And in the summer, when smell-o-vision is on, we’ll have Dog Moaning from the window in my office. We don’t much like that program, but our backyard neighbors’ dog doesn’t like to be alone.

  2. It never snows here, but my cats spent part of yesterday watching The Wind Channel on OutTV.

  3. I am from the south so living in the mountains of NM has brought its snow challenges. Now I find myself looking forward to the next snow just so I can count the snow rings!!

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