The Strong, Silent Type

First, a word from our sponsors:


Ta daaaaa! Kitchen floor, counters and sink, complete. The water tasted a little bit like rubber hose for a few days but now we’re good. We are now working on convincing the kittehs that white counter rules still apply to brown counters.

And, now that Obi has been under the sink he wants to be under there all the time. It is almost like he hadn’t made the connection between the bathroom sink with cupboards and the kitchen sink with cupboards.

Long story short, we have to install baby locks on the kitchen cupboards.


I was kitteh sitting for Mona’s cats, the handsome Gabe and the beautiful princesses, Gus and Jenny, one night this week. After they’d eaten, I was washing off their plates and saw one of the girls sitting on the landing of the stairway.

“Are you done with your dinner, pretty girl?” I asked. “Last call.”

She said nothing so I rinsed the last plate and babbled to her as I put it in the dishwasher and straightened the kitchen. She said nothing back. She just sat there. Then, as I was headed down the stairs to scritch Gabe’s ears one last time before leaving, I realized I wasn’t talking to a cat at all.


Tricky. Very tricky.


2 responses to “The Strong, Silent Type

  1. The kitchen looks great! So shiny and new.

  2. This one will talk when pigs fly… It had to be said.

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