Armpit to Legpit

As always, going on vacation means a lot of work on weekends and evenings. So Kitten Thunder supervised while I worked at the desk all afternoon.

They watched from the condo.

They watched from the director’s chair.

They watched from the bed.

When The Boy started cooking dinner, he needed something in the kitchen that was hiding after the remodel. I helped him. On the way back to my desk I detoured over to the bed.

“Mr. Pi,” I said to Oliver, “I am going to rub that fuzzy belly.”

The grey kitten thought this was a fine idea. He rolled onto his back and stretched as far as the bed would support him – his back feet touched the wall and he stretched his head and arms off the other side.

If you’re going to rub, he indicated, you should do it right.

I ran my fingers from his armpits, down his belly to his legpits. Then I ran them back up his belly, clear up to his little white chin. I continued this for about five minutes. If you’ve ever seen the video of the slow loris getting tickled you’ve witnessed one tenth of the ecstasy Oli was experiencing.

There was much giggling over the cuteness. The Boy came in to see what was so funny.

“You’re a silly boy, Oli,” said The Boy. He gave the white belly a quick scritch before returning to the spaghetti. 

I’m a lucky boy, Oliver’s look said.

As these things happen, though, the good became too good. Suddenly my hand was caught in the teeth and arms of a grey kitten and he was bunny kicking with all his might. I put him in The Claw, scooped him up and gave him kisses until he begged for mercy.

Obi wanted in on the action until I grabbed him and started kissing him. Then he felt like The Boy needed supervision. Fast.

Dinner was ready and I went to wash my hands.

Oliver went to wash…everything. Nothing wraps up a good snuggle/play/love better than a good bath.

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