Monthly Archives: April 2013

Weekend Snapshots


Obi had his annual exam this week. Diagnosis: adorable. It must be terminal.

I had told him that Dr. Tiffany and Laura were coming to see him this time but we spent several minutes talking about Oliver. Obi lost interest and went to the belly rubbing rug. Tiff joined him there and let him play with her stethoscope while she checked his ears and eyes and teeth. He doesn’t even know he got two shots.

I was holding Oliver when they got to the house. We opened the door and watched them walk up. About the time they got to the porch, Oil recognized them. He launched himself off my chest. I have a paw sized bruise and four little punctures on my sternum.

Later, when I got him so Dr. Tiff could give him an allergy shot, he was fully aware that he received it. He fixed her with a look. She asked if they could be friends. He turned his head away. No.


We are still living without counters. The Boy discovered that Kitten Thunder has been exploring the contents of the drawers, now uncovered. This includes the drawer where catnip was store. WAS stored. The baggy, now with a hole chewed in it, has been moved to a secure location.


The Jeff Channel of OutTV has had more special programming as he paints the trim on his house. Next week the gutter people will return for a sequel. No spoilers!


This photo was taken as Oliver was rolling around on the belly rubbing rug. No one was fooled. If you rub that white belly you get bit and kicked – that’s only fun for the grey kitten.

The attempt to trap the people came to an end, though, when Obi decided his brother needed a bath.



The Kitchen is Broken


At last, the replacement for our ugly white counters has been manufactured and arrived in town.


The workers came to rip out the counters. Kitten Thunder was oddly unconcerned by the process. Obi watched from the chair.


Oliver stayed on the back of the couch. He wasn’t worried. He actually napped through a lot of it.


When the men left to get a shop vac for the mess, Obi went straight for the tools.


Oliver took advantage of the fact that there is no counter to get up where he is not usually allowed. I mean, the rule is that he’s not allowed on the counter, right?

And the kitchen is broken. Still.

The counters won’t be ready until next week. Only the kittens are eating as they usually do. The Boy and I are limited to microwavable things that can be made in things that go in the dishwasher…not that we can run the dishwasher.

But, you know, as long as the kitteh breakfast isn’t disturbed…

What’s your favorite blog?

Oliver and Obi have been in bed since 4 p.m.

I’m ready to join them.

So I’m going to put you to work. I’m looking for some new blogs to follow. Any suggestions? (Don’t be ashamed to plug YOUR blog as well)