A Special Guest Appearance

As you know, The Boy and I have a planned trip to Europe this month. Lori, bestest kitteh sitter in all the world, is lined up to take care of my precious fuzzies. She has even promised to spend the night several times for some intensive attention.

However, she is not available for the whole time we are gone. For the three days that Lori, too, will be traveling, we have lined up a special treat. Jeff, of The Jeff Channel, will be making a special celebrity appearance INSIDE the house.

He thought maybe he should meet the kittehs in person – and walk through what they’ll need – before he is actually needed.

Obi, of course, greeted him at the door. I swooped the brown kitten up into my arms so he could get a better look. He squinted a little at Jeff…something familiar about that guy…sniff…sniff…

Jeff doesn’t have cats now but he has in the past. He introduced himself like a pro, allowing several sniffs and even letting Obi taste him before going for an ear scritch. Obi thought the pet was a little premature; he tolerated it but wasn’t ready to enjoy it.

Jeff, The Boy and I talked about the kitchen for a while as we waited for Oliver to show up. Obi showed Jeff their plates. The brown kitten suggested he might want to practice opening a can and scooping food onto those plates. None of the people thought that was necessary.

Eventually I realized it was afternoon nap time and that Oliver was not going to come down on his own. I went upstairs and scooped him up off the cat shelf where he’d been sleeping deeply. He greeted Jeff through half closed lids and tasted his hand before leaning back into me to rest. When I set him down on the floor, the grey kitten stretched, grabbed a mouthful of crunchies, and strolled back upstairs.

I imagine, when he woke up that evening, Oliver reflected on that crazy dream where he actually met his favorite OutTV celebrity.

And in the not too distant future, Oli’s dream will come true. 

5 responses to “A Special Guest Appearance

  1. JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh sorry, I was just having a “dazzled by celebrity” moment.

  2. Sigh. Every time you post something like this, I have to explain to my cats why we don’t get The Jeff Channel. I don’t think they believe me.

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