Ode to the Kitteh

I have no intention of giving up my day job. This should have been posted in April for National Poetry Month. Maybe it is better not to insult such a month with such bad poetry. So…with my apologies to all those English teachers who let me stay in the advanced class because they know I can do better than this…

Hey kitteh kitteh
You are so pretteh.
On a chair
On the couch
I love your hair
I love your pauch.

Hey kitty kitty
Oh my so pretty.
On my head
Or on my legs,
If I stay in bed
For food he begs.

Hey kitten kitten
With whom I’m smitten,
On hip lips
Or on his ears
I give my kiss
While he snears.

Hey cat cat
You are a brat.
On my paper
In my book,
Whilst I labor
You lay where I look.


One response to “Ode to the Kitteh

  1. Loved this verse
    About your kitty
    Slightly terse
    Very witty

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