Stuck and Goosed

This evening, The Boy was reclined in the chair after dinner and I was laying on the couch with Oliver. When the chair reclines, there’s a little flap that sags in the back. I think I’ve mentioned before that Obi thinks that is the perfect hammock.

Today, though, the chair was only partly reclined so the hammock was only slightly there. Obi was having to work to get in. Really work.

Oliver and I were watching Obi struggle to get into the space in the chair when Oliver got an idea. I know! He so rarely gets ideas! He jumped down and looked closely at the brown kitten, pushing into a too small hole. He tilted his head right, thinking. He tilted his head left, considering.

Then the grey kitten shoved his little pink nose into his brother’s backside. GOOSE!

Brown kitten did not approve. Brown kitten wanted to smack his brother.

Brown kitten was stuck in the chair.

After a few seconds of struggle, trying to back out of the chair, Obi placed his back feet on the side of the chair by his shoulders and gave a mighty shove. He popped out of the chair with all his fur pushed toward his head.

I laughed. Kitten Thunder was insulted.

And they thundered.


If you haven’t seen the Sad Cat Diary, you’ve got to. There is one cuss word.

Oli and Obi have both seen this video. They think I’m cruel for laughing at their pain.


One response to “Stuck and Goosed

  1. I feel really sorry for The Boy, because all this was going on literally behind his back.

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