Thunder High

Friend Bev gave me some catnip from her yard to plant in our yard. It’s strong stuff. I decided that it would be worth it, after checking the batteries in the camera, to bring in the pot for Kitten Thunder. Once again, brothers were torn apart by their nip habit.

The video is eight minutes long. That’s as long as I could stand to have it in the house¬†because it was making my eyes water. And it was as much as Kitten Thunder could take. When I came back in from putting the plant in the yard, both kitties were passed out on the rug.


I apologize for the length and music-less quality of this video; my editing software wasn’t working with me today so I’m giving you raw footage. Think of it as the director’s cut.


4 responses to “Thunder High

  1. This would make a great public service announcement:

    This is catnip.
    These are kittens on catnip.
    This is your brain on kittens on catnip.
    Any questions?

  2. “It’s Friday… you ain’t got no job… I’m gonna get you some catnip, man!” (movie reference)

    A t-shirt that friends got me years ago that I still proudly wear says, “If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip, who will?”

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