Cheesy Propositions

I made a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner.

First, an aside: it is really hard to make a grilled cheese sandwich with wheat bread because it doesn’t turn a golden, delicious looking color when it is ready. It just stays brown.

Anywho, Obi was all about helping make a grilled cheese sandwich. I started out with some Muenster cheese, which is what I put on a cold sandwich. I broke off a piece for Obers.

He sniffed it.

He glared at me. This is not cheese.

I grabbed the Gorgonzola cheese crumbles and sprinkled some on my sandwich. Then I gave one to the brown kitten.


Glare. This is not cheese.

To encase the crumbles, I added a piece of Swiss cheese to my sandwich. Then I set down a piece for Obi the Wan.

Sniff. Glare. Not cheese.

Because I didn’t want him to be disappointed, I added a little of our grated cheese – a mix of orange and white – to my sandwich and set some down for Obi. 

At last, some cheese.

The Boy came home from work and also decided to make a sandwich. He discovered that Bleu cheese and feta are also not acceptable.

To summarize: expensive crumbled cheese? Not cheese. Expensive cheese slices? Not cheese. Generic shredded mystery cheese? Yes, please.


4 responses to “Cheesy Propositions

  1. That’s true about the wheat bread. Also, it’s denser, so the cheese doesn’t really melt into the bread the same way it does into, say, sourdough. Also, you make classier grilled cheese than I do.

  2. I haven’t had Muenster cheese in forever! You have as much cheese in your fridge as I do. I’m glad I’m not the only person who has a gazillion cheeses.

    • Yeah, when The Boy got home I told him I had a four-cheese sandwich, but the Muenster was gone so he couldn’t. So he started counting cheese and, with Parmesan, he could still have had a five-cheese sandwich.

      The grocery store had a three for $5 sale on tubs of crumbled cheese right after we got back from Europe. I have vowed to make more interesting salads after seeing how awesome salad can be.

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