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If I haven’t responded to your comment on a post this week it is because our six-months-after-we-got-married reception was this weekend. Operation: Don’t Let The World Know We’re Slobs went into high gear and we cleaned all week.

Kitten Thunder was not pleased. Cleaning is seldom good news.

But then the first grandperson arrived and they relaxed.

Grandpeople are good.

And then more grandpeople came. And then more grandpeople. And then More Grandpeople – this More is capitalized because my grandparents aren’t great-grandparents to my niece and nephew, they are more-grandparents. Thus, More Grandpeople.

Grandpeople are good.

For the party, Kitten Thunder was locked in the Thunder Sanctuary in the basement. Oliver loudly objected, but eventually he calmed down. A few visitors were guided in to meet the kittehs because one can’t hear so much about them and then go to their house and NOT meet them, right? They were good hosts to all who visited them.

As the evening wound down, Grandperson Cate liberated them from their sanctuary. They socialized with the remaining family members. Oliver let my grandpa rub his belly and put him in the claw. And then the grey kitten made More Grandperson bleed. But my family shrugs this sort of thing off – you play rough and a little injury is to be expected.

And then this kittehs noticed something even better than grandpeople. Presents.


First, a bag big enough for all 25 pounds of Kitten Thunder. Not that both of them are willing to be in there at once. I barely got the present out of this bag before Oli climbed in.

And then…




Kitten Thunder would like to thank everyone for their gifts. The Girl and Boy, of course, are more concerned about the stuff that was wrapped in the tissue and in the bags. And even though they weren’t expecting gifts, they are appreciative of the ones that appeared anyway.

Today was a slower day and only one grandperson remains. We had a quiet afternoon, watching a movie and turning a pair of jeans into a skirt. Obi, of course, was there to help.



Chairy-y Pick

When we moved in to this house, The Boy’s table ended up in the dining room but it only had two chairs. The table in our breakfast nook, which is pine colored, has four chairs. Those chairs keep ending up in the dining room, screaming LOOK AT US NOT MATCHING IN THE ELEGANT DINING ROOM. And the yell that because they are also country.

So we’ve been thinking about chairs.

For almost three years.

This afternoon I was downtown for a meeting and had to walk by Carnival Antiques. She had chairs. On the sidewalk. That were the perfect price if not the perfect color. I have plenty of stain left from the shelves if I decide that they aren’t close enough to the right color.

I brought the chairs home and got the first one exactly four feet inside the door. Before this happened:


Eventually I made Oliver get off the chair so I could move it. Now it is afternoon nap time. Kitten Thunder usually goes upstairs to sleep on the cat shelf.

Not today.


The Girl done good.

No Blogginh



Naughty Snapshots

On Thursday, my turtle-shaped thumb drive disappeared. Friday afternoon, I was at my desk and caught this:


Obi says his interest in the penguin is only circumstantial evidence of his guilt in the turtle abduction. I contacted legal counsel for him, via Facebook, and  his advice was that Obi should step away from the penguin.

We’re waiting for the bill to see if Obi has to pay in tuna or cheese.


Last night I was upstairs turning the fans on in the bedroom. Obi had a miller moth cornered over the bed. He caught it. He shoved it under the sheet. Then he went for another one.

No bugs in the bed! I said.


When I got up this morning, Obi had a lot to say. The Boy came inside and asked if Obi was telling me he was naughty. What? Obi? Naughty? Evidently, when The Boy went outside for the first time, a bunch of millers flew away from the doorjamb. Problem: they flew out.

Obi went with them.

The Boy caught Obi on the porch. The brown kitten was so focused on his prey he probably doesn’t even know he was outside. But he got in trouble anyway.


The Boy and I finished painting the stairwell today. He had already done most of the work but there was some super high stuff that I needed to do because it was too high to mask off and I can paint a straight line – yay for years of studying art.

After the super high stuff I was touching up some spots behind the kitchen door. Suddenly, the half closed door swung open and smacked me in the head. A brown kitten stood at the top of the stairs, glaring pointedly.

We will NOT be shutting this door again. Not okay.


Obi, who can climb ladders, wants to know why it is okay for me and not for him.


Last night, or early this morning in fact, I was sneaking to bed well after The Boy was sleeping. To keep the light from waking him I brushed my teeth with the bathroom door closed and turned off the light before slipping out.

I closed the door behind me to keep Obi from thump thump thumping the cabinet doors.

As I snuggled down into bed, I heard the thump thump thumping of cabinets and the trill of a brown kitten. I got up, assuming I’d locked him in. I flicked on the light just in time to see Obi run IN to the bathroom. He’d thumped the cupboards in the reading nook to trick me into opening the door.

I was not amused.

Okay, I was a little amused.


If you’re looking for nudey pictures, go away and clean your eyeballs with soap. This blog is snapshot stories about my kitten being naughty. And this last one about how naughty YOU are.

Picture Perfect


What are you doing, Girl?

“I’m trying to take your picture. Sit down.”


How’s this?

“Hey, Obers, whatcha doing?”


Hey look, a miller!

This is why there aren’t more pictures in this blog.


When I’m not on here writing about my cats, I own a social media company. That’s right, when I’m not on the interwebs talking about the kittehs I’m on the interwebs talking about other things. And on rare, fantastic, occasions I get to get off the interwebs and teach others about it.

Last Friday I was given the opportunity to talk to people in the mental health industry about advocacy through social media. It was interesting to research and a lot of fun during the session – these folks asked great questions and had me hopping for the full time. At the end of the day, one of the attendees – a peer support specialist – went home and started a blog.

That’s so much more satisfying than the generous check I received for my time (but I’m not giving it back). So check out this up and coming blogger – she’s doing great AND she is incorporating cats!


As has been mentioned, I think, The Boy and I are using our reception in two weeks as a deadline to get all the little things we’ve wanted to do for two years done. Today, The Boy worked on the high sections of the basement stairwell.

Obi was there to help.

The Boy did not want Obi’s help.

I woke up to a brown kitten poking me in the nose and crying about the deep and abiding boredom from which he suffered. I followed him downstairs and found, when I went into the kitchen for coffee, a closed door. The Boy REALLY didn’t want Obi’s help.

I was holding the brown kitten and we were listening to the sound of a roller on the other side of that door when the grey kitten walked in. He was headed to the breakfast nook for a snack. As he walked past us, though, he stopped.

One foot in the air, mid step.

He turned his head.

He sat down in shock.

When did we get a wall? Who put that wall there? Oliver looked at me and cried. This was not okay.

I set Obi on the floor and assured them both that it was, in fact, okay. The brown kitten decided to treat his boredom with a Thunder and pounced on his brother. By the time they finished wrestling The Boy was done painting and, indeed, it was all okay.



Kitten Thunder has done in our living room rug. It has stains from everything that ails them and discolored spots where the stains were removed. A decision was made: it had to go.

The process of picking a new rug was complicated and involved many stores. And then, when I found a rug I liked…I found four that I liked. After about ten minutes I narrowed it down to two. After five more minutes of struggle, I called in the focus group – I texted family and friends and asked them to vote. And even though I asked an odd number of people I ended up with a tie.

The Boy was riding back from training in Denver so I was able to get him to cast a tie breaking vote.

And I immediately second guessed the decision. When I walked back to the rugs, the selected one seemed like it would clash with our sage green sofas. But, since I actually asked The Boy for his opinion, I bought the rug to at least put up against the couch to be sure. I was fairly certain I’d be driving back to get the other one.


I set the rolled up rug against the couch. “Does this blue clash with the green, Obi?”

“Who cares,” his look said. “Does it go with brown fur?”

I unrolled the rug.




Verdict: the rug does clash with the couch in certain light. In other light it looks great. Also, Obi doesn’t want his belly rubbed on it.

Maybe, he says, its not too late for the old one.


It’s Thunder Thursday! We haven’t had a lot of guest pictures to post lately, but there is a new member in our extended family. Cousins Spade and Gracie have a new brother.


Meet Jigger! He is a little bit smaller than Spade. So far everyone seems to be getting along fine.

Just fine.