Thou Shalt Not Covet

The kittehs are not allowed to covet our food at dinner time. Usually it is the grey kitten who gets scolded for bad behavior, but The Boy painted stairwells this afternoon and Oliver can’t get down to the living room without passing the dread blue wall.

It is different, thus evil.

So Obi was left alone with his people for dinner.

Not coveting…


Okay, coveting a little…


No, not coveting…


When my phone buzzed, Obi suggested that I ask the grandperson if he should be allowed to have more than the four little bites of pork I gave him. Especially since I was done – he isn’t allowed on the coffee table when we are eating.  The Boy pointed out that one of his grandpeople might say yes but the other would say he’d already had four bites too many. 


The Boy relieved Obi of the struggle against coveting by putting our leftovers away. And the brown kitten went back to Smell-o-vision.

5 responses to “Thou Shalt Not Covet

  1. I love these pictures — especially the sneaky kitty look in the third one.

    Thunder hates my cooking, but that doesn’t stop him from coveting it sometimes. A typical monologue from him is “I WANT SOME! I WANT SOME! I WANT SOME! Ewww. What is this? Gross.”

  2. Your cats know not to get on the table when you’re eating. That’s Esme’s cue to get on the table.

    • Boy kitties are much more interested in pleasing their people than girl kitties. Poco not only didn’t care about my rules, but she blatantly defied them. And every meal ended up with a cat paw in it. If she couldn’t have what I was eating she would swat it away from my mouth. There was a lot more yelling in that household.

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