Basket Cases

Since Zensai, my bearded dragon, died and his tank no longer took space in the living room, I have wanted to put the bookcase that is the dining room in the living room with the coffee table it matches. And I wanted to replace it with a full-wall set of shelves.

And I’ve been thinking. And planning. And getting frustrated.

But not doing.

Today, on a whim, I went into a store to look for supplies to build the shelves. And there, already built, were shelves almost exactly like what I wanted. On clearance! With baskets! A quick trip to the lumber store and some stain is all I need for my dream shelves.

I drive a compact car. But, thanks to the genius minds of Subaru, I can fit almost everything I need in it. Six boards that are seven feet long? Tomorrow’s trip to the lumberyard will be a piece of cake. However, my confidence was proven faulty this afternoon when the large shelf wouldn’t go into my car; it was half an inch too big to squeeze past the light in the trunk.


So…I don’t have pictures of my completed shelves since I had to wait until my friend Sarah, and her SUV, met me for dinner.

While we were waiting, Kitten Thunder inspected the baskets.






They approve.


One response to “Basket Cases

  1. OMC! This is basket paradise!

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