Kitten Thunder has done in our living room rug. It has stains from everything that ails them and discolored spots where the stains were removed. A decision was made: it had to go.

The process of picking a new rug was complicated and involved many stores. And then, when I found a rug I liked…I found four that I liked. After about ten minutes I narrowed it down to two. After five more minutes of struggle, I called in the focus group – I texted family and friends and asked them to vote. And even though I asked an odd number of people I ended up with a tie.

The Boy was riding back from training in Denver so I was able to get him to cast a tie breaking vote.

And I immediately second guessed the decision. When I walked back to the rugs, the selected one seemed like it would clash with our sage green sofas. But, since I actually asked The Boy for his opinion, I bought the rug to at least put up against the couch to be sure. I was fairly certain I’d be driving back to get the other one.


I set the rolled up rug against the couch. “Does this blue clash with the green, Obi?”

“Who cares,” his look said. “Does it go with brown fur?”

I unrolled the rug.




Verdict: the rug does clash with the couch in certain light. In other light it looks great. Also, Obi doesn’t want his belly rubbed on it.

Maybe, he says, its not too late for the old one.


It’s Thunder Thursday! We haven’t had a lot of guest pictures to post lately, but there is a new member in our extended family. Cousins Spade and Gracie have a new brother.


Meet Jigger! He is a little bit smaller than Spade. So far everyone seems to be getting along fine.

Just fine.



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