Chairy-y Pick

When we moved in to this house, The Boy’s table ended up in the dining room but it only had two chairs. The table in our breakfast nook, which is pine colored, has four chairs. Those chairs keep ending up in the dining room, screaming LOOK AT US NOT MATCHING IN THE ELEGANT DINING ROOM. And the yell that because they are also country.

So we’ve been thinking about chairs.

For almost three years.

This afternoon I was downtown for a meeting and had to walk by Carnival Antiques. She had chairs. On the sidewalk. That were the perfect price if not the perfect color. I have plenty of stain left from the shelves if I decide that they aren’t close enough to the right color.

I brought the chairs home and got the first one exactly four feet inside the door. Before this happened:


Eventually I made Oliver get off the chair so I could move it. Now it is afternoon nap time. Kitten Thunder usually goes upstairs to sleep on the cat shelf.

Not today.


The Girl done good.


One response to “Chairy-y Pick

  1. Parallel kitties! I don’t know why, but I’m always amused when I see two cats in exactly the same position.

    Nice chairs, too.

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