Obi’s tail has a mind of its own. When he naps he has to hold it down. If it escapes his grasp it flicks here and there and here again – it will disturb the brown kitten’s nap so much that he’ll have to get up. Unless the tail has another target.



This evening the tail escaped while Obi was napping on the back of the recliner. Normally this would have been a problem for him. Luckily, for him, The Boy was sitting in the chair. The tail was distracted by The Boy – flicking against his ear, jabbing him in the eye, wrapping up under his nose.

Obi napped on.


4 responses to “Attitude

  1. I’m convinced that Thunder’s tail has a mind of its own. This is a pretty common scenario: he’ll be lying on his side while I’m petting him. He’ll purr and look perfectly relaxed — except for his tail, which he’s thwacking on the floor hard, the way cats do when they’re annoyed. This can go on approximately forever.

  2. Tails confuse me. When Esme chases hers, I always wonder if it’s a podtail…or if that’s even a thing.

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