Tortie Trained, Kitten Approved

I don’t know if I said this before, but I was recently asked to serve on the Cheyenne Animal Shelter board of directors. I am so pleased to do this. Oliver came from the feral cat population on the north side of town; the shelter is working to make it legal for them to trap, spay and release the cats of that population to keep it from growing out of control. I’m a fan of that program. And Obi, of course, came from the shelter.

If you’re newer, here’s how Kitten Thunder came to us.

The most challenging thing about the shelter board, I think, will be the temptation.


This kitten and I had a moment last week, as you can see. Okay, it was more like an hour. As I told her, I was trained by a Tortie and maintain my scritchy skills on two very picky kittens. She also approved. It made me seriously start thinking that maybe what our household needs is another female.

I got over it. For now.

As I keep telling everyone who wants me to get this kitten, or another adorable kitten that needs a home from this weekend, or the charmer I met this afternoon: I have four years on this board and we haven’t even had our first meeting yet. I need to pace myself.

We’re doomed.

3 responses to “Tortie Trained, Kitten Approved

  1. You are a strong woman. I always want to take home all the animals.

    I totally feel you on the needing another female thing.

  2. This is great news — the shelter is lucky to have you on its board.

    Look at that purr face! How can you resist? If it helps — I’ve been volunteering at a cat shelter for the last few weeks. In that time, I’ve been seriously tempted to bring six different cats home with me — but I resisted, and three of them have since been adopted (the other three are a litter of young kittens).

  3. During my time on the CAS board, I avoided the cat adoption area to the best of my ability…

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