Biting the Hand That Feeds You

First, a word about the weather: hot.


Cat-melting hot. As hot as it is, though, we have not moved to the basement to escape it because it is still cooling off at night. The fan is doing its job as long as two cats don’t pile up at the bottom of the bed and block all the air.


A couple weeks ago I made a skirt out of a favorite pair of jeans that had a hole in them. Here is where I should point out that if I like something and it is a good deal I buy multiples. My black winter boots are the same style as my brown ones. When my brown flats wore out I went to the store and bought a black pair without looking around. This is a great system…until things start wearing out at the same time.

So this week I was making a skirt out of the second pair of favorite jeans that had a hole in them.


Obi helped. Again.

While I was on the floor with scissors and a brown kitten, I decided to work on the mats developing on Obi’s back. He was not impressed.

He started biting at me. At me. I’ve realized that neither of the kittehs has ever really bitten me. When we play they chew on my hands as I get their bellies but they don’t ever clamp down. And I’ve read that a cat will “love bite,” where they only bite down with one side of their mouth. Obi does that.

When I was working on the mats, Obi bared his teeth and bumped them into my hands. It hurt even less than play biting. He looked at me desperately: please, Girl, stop because this is as mean as I get.

I took pity. The mats remain.

For now.


2 responses to “Biting the Hand That Feeds You

  1. Aww. I’m impressed that Oli can melt and remain seemingly unaffected by gravity at the same time.

    My strategy with mats is to work at them a little at a time. After the second day of working on Seffie’s mat, the comb I’d been using on it disappeared. I suspect foul play.

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