Oliver is a pudding head. By that I mean that there in nuttin’ but puddin’ up in that cute grey head of his. For some reason, there are things that pudding heads seem to like. Things, I think, that put those brains under pressure so they can think better for a while.

The claw is one of those things. Tamping down on the noggin seems to be very nice.

The other thing? Air. Oliver loves to have air blown into his forehead. We call this giving him a refill. Obviously, pudding full of air is under pressure and makes for clearer thoughts. 

The hot weather, evidently, has allowed all the air to escape from the grey brain. We spent about thirty minutes today trying to fill his head back up. He sat on the armrest of the couch and I pressed my lips to his forehead and blew short bursts of breath. Then I’d run out of air and he would sit up straight and give me happy face. And then the forehead came back toward my lips.

Eventually he left. Refilled.


In other events, there’s this tiny 100,000 person festival going on here in town. That’s right, the mighty Cheyenne Frontier Days and all that entails is here. But Obi is not interested in Westerns on OutTV and just rolls his eyes when I tell him “Rodeo Queens Riding to the Parade” is on. He also does not care about “Carriage with Big Horses.”

So many channels and nothing good is on.

One response to “Refills

  1. Oliver is NOT a pudding head. Pudding + air = mousse, so he’s clearly a mousse head.

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