On Wednesday of last week, it was raining. This was Oliver’s bestest day ever. My migraine was gone by noon, but I’d already declared it a sick day. And this was pretty convenient as I Facebook for a living and September 11 is a good day not to be on Facebook for the whole day. Imagine all the touching, beautiful tributes YOU saw on your timeline and multiply it by ten…it is hard on the heart.

So we stayed on the couch and snuggled. 

And I did a little “research” on mobile device commerce. In other words, I shopped for stuff on my phone. And today, all my packages arrived.

First was a dress that I got on clearance for one of those so-low-it-would-be-a-crime-not-to-buy-it deals. I happen to be going to two formal events, two weekends in a row so I was looking for something. Yes, the events are on opposite sides of the state, but The Boy will be at both and HE will be wearing something different for me. So shouldn’t he get to see me pretty? I think so. And I mentioned that shipping and tax were almost half my purchase price, right?



It fits PERFECTLY, by the way. And I can still get into a dress with a full back zipper by myself – the ladies will know that this is impressive.

All of this is a long way to saying that WE HAVE NEW BOXES.



Obi checked it out for me. It is good. But then he went into the office with me and napped in the condo with warm, dry smell-o-vision wafting over him.

Until 5 p.m.

Until Oliver came downstairs.

As soon as the grey kitten started checking out the box, Obi was back in the living room staking his claim. I found a brown kitten in the box and a grey kitten settling for a spot in the sunbeam in the entryway.

The first sunbeam in 11 days is a pretty good consolation prize.


2 responses to “Consolation

  1. The last time I wore a dress with a full back zipper, I was a bridesmaid. We all got dressed at the church and zipped each other up — but that night, I had to get out of it by myself. I came really close to using scissors.

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