Undercover Snuggling


Kitten Thunder is still loving their paper. The box has been forgotten.

There is absolutely nothing, in Obi’s mind, better than a belly rub on top of crinkly paper.


It was a lazy day in the Thunder house. I got up early to feed the kittehs and went back to sleep. At some point, The Boy got up and was replaced by a grey kitteh.

Eventually, I got up and made my way to the couch – I paused in the kitchen long enough to get some coffee.

Oliver came down and snuggled with me under the blanket. He is so happy about fall and the blankets coming out.

Later, The Boy – who is not good at being lazy – went on a bike ride. When he returned he rubbed the brown kitteh’s belleh. Then Obi came over to the couch. The Boy was sitting on the loveseat. Obi looked at me. He looked at The Boy. Me. Boy. Me. Boy.

“Just lay down,” I said. “The Boy knows you snuggle with me.”

Obi tiptoed down onto my shoulder. He settled down in a way that didn’t look incredibly comfortable. He did manage a purr when I scratched his back.

Eventually, The Boy left the room and went upstairs.

The brown kitteh stretched to full length and rolled on his side so I could really pet him.

Some things just aren’t meant to be witnessed.

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