Man’s Work

This morning, The Boy decided today was the day for our new windows to be installed. I told him to call me if he needed me and settled in on the couch with some coffee. I expected a kitteh or two to join me for a snuggle.

I was disappointed.

Kitten Thunder had man’s work to do. They were hard at work, supervising The Boy.

After a lot of noise over the first hour, The Boy came up to prepare for his first trip to Home Depot of the day. I went downstairs with Kitten Thunder so they could show me what they’d been doing.


Then I brought them upstairs and, when The Boy returned, we closed the door to the basement. Obi did NOT approve.

He so didn’t approve that he refused to watch The Boy on OutTV. He would not even give the very special episode of Boy Didn’t Know We Had Steel Window Frames a chance. And he would not let The Boy rub his belly when he came inside to prepare for his next trip to Home Depot.

Obi also wouldn’t snuggle with me. He stayed on the floor and stared at the wall, rather than coming up to lay on the couch. And when I got up to leave for the grocery store – and a trip to pick up a couple things at Home Depot – Obi did not say goodbye.

Finally, after one more trip to Home Depot, The boy called it a day. He got one window done. The next one will be easier. And the one after that will be a piece of cake. 

And Obi won’t be allowed to help with any of them.


One response to “Man’s Work

  1. Uh-oh. This sounds serious. I think Obi’s on strike.

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