I Work for Peanuts

I got home from the girls’ shopping trip to find a Boy reading a book and two kittens that were set on punishing me. After, of course, they got a little snuggle in to hold themselves over until the punishment was over. After all, THEY had done nothing to deserve the punishment.

After the snuggle, when the punishment had begun, they checked out the bag I’d brought them from The Loft. And Oliver played with his milk ring that my aunt brought for him from California.

Also, while I was gone, packing peanuts escaped from a box in the breakfast nook. No one took credit. And no one cleaned it up.

Because if we cleaned it up, this couldn’t happen:






Kitten Thunder would like to send out some purr therapy to Mona, who lost Gus-the-Girl of The Three fame, today. Extra purrs to the kitteh siblings who remain to take care of their person.

Also, purr therapy to The Guardians and disciples of the Cult of Otis. Otis, too, recently passed.

To everyone else, hug your kittehs tonight and be glad for every moment of their too short but wonderful lives.


One response to “I Work for Peanuts

  1. Gabe and Jenni send thanks for your thoughts…and think they should get peanuts to play with. Gotta’ quit showin’ ’em your blog…

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