It is ON!

This morning, the trap was set. And, about an hour ago, Oliver started crying. Just that easy, the little black kitty was caught and I took him off to jail. The nice folks are, right now, evaluating him and getting some food and water.



Of course, immediately after I caught him, I started feeling guilty. He was sweet and scared inside the cage. And he didn’t even get to eat the tuna that lured him into the cage because the plate goes underneath.

As soon as I dropped him off, I went to my car and cried. I cried for the poor black kitty who is a victim of his circumstances. I cried for his owners who, maybe tonight, will notice he is missing and will have to search…or wonder. And I cried in relief that this is over, at least for now. I won’t get to know the rest of the black kitty’s story but I hope he finds a home where he is loved and kept safe. Inside.

A train crossing the road gave me plenty of time to recover, so by the time I got home I was ready to give Kitten Thunder some good news. OutTV is ON.

It is on in my office.


It is on on the cat shelf.


And they’ll watch it. As soon as they are done eating the celebratory tuna that I didn’t need for the trap.



4 responses to “It is ON!

  1. If he’s at the local animal shelter his owners should find him there if they’re searching for him. If he has a microchip the shelter will even be able to contact his owners. I hope you can check back with the shelter and find out whether they reclaimed him, and if so, who they are, because it would be good if you could get in touch with them and communicate with them!

    • Unfortunately, when you turn in a “stray,” they won’t give you any sort of update. The form I filled out said I understood that and would not try to follow up. I can see why they do this – after I knocked on the door of the house I think he belongs to I realized it might not end well. They might feel threatened by me. They might attribute anything bad that happens to their pets in the future to me. They might seek revenge by egging my house or irritating Kitten Thunder themselves. Who knows. Thank you for the comfort, though – I choose to believe his story will end well.

      • The story has already ended well for most of the characters; and Blackness will be fine, I just know it in my whiskers. Love, Gabe

  2. I’m sorry you won’t get any closure about the black kitty, but I agree with akalevi — if his owners have any interest in finding him, they will.

    Obi and Oli look very happy.

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