Russian Foodlette

Oliver hates pate.

Obi hates pate.

Don’t get me wrong; they’ll eat it. But they won’t be happy about it. And, because I love to make my kittehs happy, I don’t buy it. It is also a benefit to me because the chunky stuff comes out of the can easier. This is important because I feed the cats before I’m fully awake.

So imagine my surprise on Saturday when I opened a can and the food didn’t slide easily onto the plates. Pate. The dread pate.

I struggled to get the food on the plate and headed back upstairs to bed.

Then I realized…

There would be more.

The last time I went shopping for cat food, I bought a lot. Like, at least five cans of each flavor. So…there could be four more cans of the dread pate. Or there could have been one stray can of pate mixed into the good stuff.

So each morning we’ll pick a can…

We’ll pull the tab…

And time will tell…


A kittaiku from Obi:

The Girl serves breakfast
The food plops down, texture free
Eat it anyway


4 responses to “Russian Foodlette

  1. I just now realized that WordPress is not forwarding people to your new site. I thought that still happened when you went from to… guess not. It’s also making me type in my nom de plume, etc. I’ve missed laughing at your posts.

  2. I buy cans by the case, so when I make a mistake, it’s a 12- or 24-can mistake.

    For a while, I was feeding my cats Blue canned food. They had “flaked” chicken and “sliced” chicken formulas. Thunder would only eat the flaked version. Then they changed the formula to make the flaked version sort of halfway between the old flaked version of the sliced version, and Thunder liked that even better. In fact, he wouldn’t go back to eating the old-formula flaked version at all. And the labels on the old and new cans looked exactly alike. Eventually, I got desperate and bought a can of Blue sliced chicken. He liked it! I bought a case of it, and he continued to like it. Yay! My problems were solved! And then a month or so later, they discontinued that flavor. I can’t win.

  3. Esme isn’t a fan of pate either. Some flavors of pate she won’t even eat.

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