I got to kitteh-sit Gabe and Jenni this weekend. After watching some of the Olympics on television, Jenni was inspired to do some sporting of her own. First she tried team laying – her partner wasn’t very good, though, so she decided to try another event.IMG_20140209_142758_196

Gabe did an excellent job in individual laying.



Being a more active kitten, Jenni decided that ribbon dancing was a better event for her.IMG_20140209_142554_381 IMG_20140209_143002_559

This is one of those events where artistry is judged as heavily as the skills required in each round. Note Jenni’s emoting. So much emoting. Obviously, this girl took home the gold.


When I got home, after a quick trip to the grocery store, Oliver was ready to show his own prowess in tandem laying. Note how he maintains his focus while I use him as a table to put gamepieces in my Albertsons’ Monopoly passport. Masterful. It’s a good thing Jenni moved on to other events.



We’re all winners here.


One response to “MeOwlympics

  1. Jenni has gorgeous eyes. Thunder and Seffie took home the gold in team laying today.

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