The Invisible String

Well hello there! If you haven’t seen us in a while, it’s because we went off and tried hosting on our own and we lost some of our subscribers. We missed the WordPress community, though, so we’re back. If you didn’t follow us to the new location, the last several months of posts have moved with us so you don’t have to miss a thing.

And on with the show:

ImageOliver was doing a full-press cute this afternoon.

ImageSo much cuteness, jammed into 14 pounds of fluffy. It was almost painful.

I was down on the floor taking pictures because he’d been attacking the rug. Darting. Dodging. Leaping. Skittering. At…nothing. “Ooh, you get that floor!” I cheered.

Obi looked at me like I was stupid.

ImageLast night, while transferring new beads into the organizer, I must have dropped the plastic string they were on. Invisible strings are wily.

It’s the best toy ever today.



3 responses to “The Invisible String

  1. Welcome back! This sounds exactly like my short-lived adventure with self-hosting.

    Thunder’s favorite toy is any loose thread hanging from an article of my clothing.

  2. Yay! I’m glad you’re back, I tried to follow on the new platform but it’s so much easier I get emails of your new posts. I missed Kitten Thunder’s adventures,

  3. Very glad you’re back. I’ve missed the kitty updates and references to Out TV. In the meantime my tribe’s jaunts to the outdoors have become Out TV for neighbor pets… so I’ve really embraced my role as “exciting person” when the neighbor pets are posted at their windows. Others must wonder what, exactly, I’m doing, but it’s fun for all who are directly involved so I don’t really care.

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