Home Improvement with The Boy, Part 2

In addition to putting in a door to the spare room, The Boy decided to take the wall behind our washing machine and dryer down as well. Obi and I went down for inspection. Neither of them approved of what they saw.

For one thing, they found some serious wasted space behind the wall. Once things are put in more efficiently, the new “hallway” will be about six inches wider.

IMG_20140420_132944_797 IMG_20140420_132948_971 IMG_20140420_133047_213

After a cursory look behind the wall, Obi decided he would need some tools. He didn’t find what he needed in The Boy’s supply.


Obi did not approve.

He decided to show off his acrobat skills, but high-wire walking along plumbing, mystery cross-supports on oddly spliced verticals, and electrical piping.

IMG_20140420_133242_805 IMG_20140420_133254_191 IMG_20140420_133306_627

The electrical is bad. Really bad. Bad enough that The Boy would rather pay a professional than hassle with the mess himself. That’s saying something.

IMG_20140420_133329_104 IMG_20140420_133344_186

We pretended like we didn’t know Obi was looking for a way into the walls or ceiling.

IMG_20140420_133409_688 IMG_20140420_133636_068 IMG_20140420_133736_595 IMG_20140420_160632_652 IMG_20140420_160644_399 IMG_20140420_160653_170

But we did know. So Obi and I went upstairs and the door in the kitchen shut behind us until The Boy was done working.

Obi did not approve.

He also didn’t approve of the wet paper towel I ran over him and around his feet to get the spider webs and dust off.


5 responses to “Home Improvement with The Boy, Part 2

  1. These oddities in your house make me wonder if it was once part of some sort of Underground Railroad for meerkats or some other slender creature…. that extra space is interesting. But how cool that you can stretch your house.

    By the way, I looked at your Pinterest page. Awesome. Had to send the link out to a bunch of others.

    • Ah, perhaps the black-footed ferret, that conned us all into believing it was extinct until it was decided they could come out of hiding in Cheyenne and set up a new homeland in Meeteetse. It all makes sense now. Including the window that was behind that wall.

      • Ha!! That would be a great title for a reality show… The Meerkats of Meeteetse (although you were talking about ferrets… The Ferrets of Fort Laramie?).

  2. It is good that Obi was there to supervise the Boy. As I am also the owner of a Boy, I know that they have some trouble staying on task. Hopefully, Obi will ensure that the Boy completes the desired task with skill and efficiency 🙂 If it was my Boy, he would probably rearrange his tool box and I would find him on the couch with a bag of Doritos.

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