Battle: Fortress


The Boy has a sister. If he was an only child, the fact that he thinks Kitten Thunder should be able to share the fortress would be excusable. But he should know better. For one thing, although there are currently eight boxes in the fortress, there is only ONE box that is the BEST box at any given time.

Plus, what good is a fortress if no one is invading?

Seriously, Boy, use your head.

This afternoon, there was a glorious battle going on in the fortress. The Obiites were invading. The brave Greyians mounted a mighty defense – first from shoe box tower, then from the inner fortifications in Box of Amazon. The battle raged for over 20 minutes.

Alas, the Obiites were unsuccessful in their attempt to force the Greyians out and nap time overtook the kingdom. But then the leader of the Greyians decided to visit the far reaches of his kingdom, Girllap. Whilst he was in negotiations for ear kisses and belly rubs, the Obiites usurped the throne.

The leader of the Greyians returned to find he had lost control of the fortress. The leader of the Obiites hunched down, ready to defend his new territory.

The leader of the Greyians laid down on the rug. He’s a General, after all, his soldiers do the fighting.

Hundreds of invisible grey troops stormed the fortress and attacked the Obiites. He, I mean THEY, tossed and jumped and lunged from one side of the fortress to the other. The shoe box tower broke free and slid across the kingdom. The battle raged under the tissue paper and over. Into the main tower and out.

The leader of the Greyians stretched out on his side. He sent the signal for retreat – which looks a lot like licking his armpit – and the army left the fortress.

The leader of the Obiites huffed and puffed as he looked around him. He had won the battle. The fortress was his. Stretching, he strolled out of the fortress to go get a snack.

Battling is hungry work.

And the leader of the Greyians settled into the shoe box tower for another nap.


One response to “Battle: Fortress

  1. When you play the game of cats, you win or you nap.

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