Where’s Pepe?

I had a blog all planned for tonight but, just as I settled down to write, Bestest Kitteh-sitter in the World called. She was being held captive by a bat in her house. I heard her say very clearly that she couldn’t get out of the cupboard.

I changed out of my jammies and headed up the street.

I was happy to see Lori, under the COVERS, on her chair in the living room. The bat, said the blanket, was in the plant in the corner. I had him caught just that easy, but he slipped out of the towel as I was looking to confirm he was caught.

I followed him to the spare room and closed the door to wait for him to land somewhere. Then I took his picture, named him Pepe, and went in search of a stool.


He was very interested in what I had to say. He tilted his head and wiggled his ears this way and that. He clicked at me. He agreed with me that he is a very handsome little boy.

Then he called me a bunch of names as I grabbed him, wrapped him in a towel and escorted him outside.

Goblin, who I believe is responsible for the visitor, wanted to help me catch Pepe. I wasn’t interested in his help.

When I was done, Lori and I were talking in the living room. Goblin looked everywhere for Pepe. Then he came in to sulk.


No Pepe. No legs. No love.

Goblin did not approve.


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