The Worst OutTV Ever

Kitten Thunder likes a bunch of OutTV programming. They are usually happy with just about anything, especially if there’s smell-o-vision involved. But there is one program Oliver just can not stand.

Girl in the Out.

This is why our awesome covered porch is underutilized. It is hard to sit back and relax when a kitten is sitting at the window, crying for you to come back inside.

This evening, I planted our sturdier vegetables. Oliver followed me, from the inside, window to window. He cried. Girl. Girl. Girl? Come inside Girl.

Eventually, the kittens sent The Boy outside to check on me. As he and I talked, Oliver coached him. Boy? Boy! Tell The Girl to come inside. IN. Iiiiiiiin.

I ran out of soil for my pots so I headed inside. Then I remembered that I needed to water the pots in front so I walked right through the house and out another door. And The Boy followed me.

Kitten Thunder did not approve.

In? Come in? In?

They met us at the door and I picked Oliver up. He was so happy the show was over. Then I realized I hadn’t washed my hands. I was covered in soil and coffee mulch. I showed Oliver one of my hands.

He did not approve: Gross! Down! Get that out away from me.


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