National Hug Your Cat Day

WordPress didn’t want me to post yesterday. Possibly because it knew today was National Hug Your Cat Day and I wouldn’t want to miss that. Obi was okay with being hugged. Oliver, in the big twist, was not. He would have none of my hugging. Which, as he was pushing away from me, put him in the perfect position to get a hug from The Boy.


The box fort was getting out of control – ten boxes and a bunch of packing paper will do that when you have 25 pounds of kitten playing in it all day every day. When I mentioned this and went toward the fortress, I think The Boy thought I was going to throw something away. Silly Boy. I rearranged the boxes, now all back in the entry way, and contained the paper within the walls of the fort.

General Obi found my work satisfactory.

The Boy thinks the box fort is still out of control.


In case you didn’t realize cat ownership prepares you for parenthood:




Me: “Is everyone okay?”


Me: “Is everyone okay??”

Two kittens come and sit, sedately, in the office. They didn’t do anything. No need to go upstairs. Everything is fine.


Oliver DOES TOO fit in this shoe box.



It is miller moth season. I know this because everyone is complaining about it on Facebook. But the Thunder house is suffering. We aren’t even guaranteed one miller a night for Obi to play with. We look and look. We turn on the light in the entryway to attract them. We look and hope some more. And, when millers failed to appear last night, Obi’s people wouldn’t even let the scary bug they did manage to attract into the house.



Obi led The Boy up from the basement just now, straight to the belly rubbing rug. The brown kitten had to go fetch The Boy to discuss his neglect. His need. His unrubbed belly. The Boy went along. But, while the kitten was getting a good pet, The Boy suggested that Obi is silly.

Silly is the same as neglected, right?

The Boy also suggested that maybe, just MAYBE, some people might think Obi is spoiled.

Spoiled is the same as neglected, right?


7 responses to “National Hug Your Cat Day

  1. Yes! I love that someone mentioned Hug Your Cat Day. We were discussing that at work.

  2. Thunder’s attacking a box even as I write this.

  3. Thunder's Grandma

    Jigger is going to have his eye examined this morning. He has to take a nap for the procedure, so he couldn’t eat after 10 last night. I fed him and both cats before I went to bed last night. Nobody remembered that this morning. They were STARVING! Spade and Gracie don’t know how Jigger’s eye is connected to their stomachs.

    • Which just proves that it has nothing to do with actual hunger as we know that Cousins Spade and Gracie are barely interested in food. It’s all about the ritual.

      Good luck to Jigger on his alien eye inspection!

  4. Hello,
    I have an inquiry regarding one of your tshirt designs on Zazzle. I’m a costume designer and interested in using the Doppler Cat on a character in an upcoming film. Would you please contact me at your earliest convenience?
    Anney Perrine

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