The Thunder Channel

Jim and Mary live across the street from us. We don’t talk a lot about them because Kitten Thunder doesn’t seem terribly interested in what goes on past our sidewalk. But, if they are looking at their OutTV, this is what they would see this week on The Thunder Channel:

The light goes on on the porch at dusk and the front door, if it wasn’t already, is open so you can see light through the front screen. The Girl, holding the brown kitten, look out the windows of the screen. Sometimes they step out on the porch and look at the walls of the outside entry. Then they go inside.

A while later, the entry way light goes on and the porch light goes off. The Girl and the brown kitten look outside again. The Girl shakes her head and says something to the brown kitten.

Later, the porch light goes back on and The Girl examines the walls and ceiling of the outside entry through the window. She steps outside. Sometimes she holds the door open and waves her hands in the air. Sometimes she brings the brown kitten out and holds him above her head and HE waves his hands in the air.

They go back inside.

A while later, The Girl comes back to the screen door. She is in her pajamas; she wears pants and a t-shirt. She looks all around the outside entry through the screen door. Then she grabs a broom and goes out onto the porch. With one foot, she holds the door open as she sweeps at the ceiling of the outside entry. If a cat gets near the door, she jabs him with the broom as well. The Boy arrives to pick up the cat and turn off the porch light so the only illumination is the inside entryway.

The Boy and The Girl cheer. The lights are turned off and the door is closed.

The Thunder Channel’s evening program, Girl Gets Millers In The House, is over for the night.


I’m still dressed and I’ve already caught the first miller of the night. I nudged him off the wall and, as he flew into the air, I swatted him right into the house. Wa HA! I am master miller catcher! He landed on the wall at kitten eye level and Obi promptly knocked him down into the cold air return. The brown kitten wants a new miller. I told him he’d just have to wait for that miller to come back up.


Happy Father’s Day to all The Boys out there – whether your children are furry ones or people, you are appreciated. Especially my dad, who taught me the most important skill in the world: the claw.

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