Lettuce Not Forget…

So. No one thought it was weird that I posted Thunder Thursday on a Tuesday?

This spring, I bought many things to plant in our vegetable garden. I also bought a salad bowl – a bowl of live lettuces that you can pick off as needed for salad. I was skeptical about the whole thing, but I brought it home and put it in the breakfast nook.

It hasn’t done well.

I don’t know how long it was supposed to take to grow back, but shortly after I’d tear some off, the base would disappear. And anything that wilted even slightly would also disappear. I thought The Boy was pruning it.

Then I walked by and saw Obi sitting in his parsley, looking at the salad bowl. I’m not stupid; I knew he would chew on the lettuce. But what actually happened did kind of shock me. Obi is hoarding lettuce.

He picked a leaf of lettuce, clear to the roots, and hopped out of his parsley pot (we have given up on eating this parsley and just let the brown kitten sit in it) and started moving plastic grocery bags around where they were piled on on of the chairs. He dropped the lettuce into the hole he’d made and covered it with a bag.

At this point, Oliver saw me in the kitchen and wanted to know what I was looking at. He walked past me and went to investigate the goings on of the breakfast nook. As Oli stood up tall to look at the bags Obi was moving, the brown kitten became territorial.

MINE! He declared with a punch to the grey kitten’s face. He grabbed his lettuce and jumped to the floor to wolf it down.

Unfortunately, a whole leaf of lettuce will not stay in a small kitten for very long.

Unfortunately, the grocery bags have been moved to a less accessible location.

Unfortunately, Obi’s instinct to hoard the lettuce wasn’t wrong because there is no more. Except he brought this on himself.


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