Edge of Your Seat

This morning, Obi completely missed the jump from the mantle to the couch. It looked like a fine jump until he just dropped out of sight. He landed on the cave so he was fine. I mentioned it to The Boy when he came in for the morning belly rub (Obi’s, not mine). He said Obi was having a dorky day; The Boy said the brown kitten had also missed the jump to the window sill in his office.

I didn’t think about it any more until just now when I figured out the truth: Obi didn’t miss the jump to the window sill, he fell out because the new OutTV programming is just that good.

Ladies and gentlemen, you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen Finches on the Sill.






He really was getting so excited that he’d just fall off the window sill. The finches sat there, casual, as the kitten lunged at them and made all sorts of noise. When I laughed they turned to consider me, then turned back to each other to continue their conversation.

They were so close, Obi could smell them. He’s NEVER been that close to a bird.

Oliver just wants to know what the heck we’re looking at.

8 responses to “Edge of Your Seat

  1. Lol! Ours do that with an annoying squirrel that comes and says hello to them every day. Almost like a haha you can’t catch me!

  2. We have the suet feeder channel on OutTV, which attracts window sill birds, which causes “window nose” to our 2 kitties. We also have ” the Larry Channel” (we name all our chipmunks Larry, less confusion), the Humberto channel (hubby named all the groundhogs Humberto, again less confusion) & the turkey channel, which our cat, Dr. Professor Bill, M.D. Phd., CAT, Pdf, PDQ, MOUSE, FUBAR, ETC….swears he can ride.

  3. The closest we ever get to finches on the sill is flies that smash into the window.

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