What’s Wrong With This Sentence?

I wear many hats with my company, one of which is greeter at registration desks for conferences that come to town. This is a fantastic job. I get to talk to people and tell them about Cheyenne. There’s also food. And goody bags. Sales people, after sitting at a conference for two days, have no interest in carting their giveaways back to their office – they’ll insist that you need two or three of everything they are handing out.

The downside of this job can be the hours. Like yesterday, when I had to get up before Oliver even wanted breakfast so I could be at the conference center at 6 a.m. BLEH. I helped for a couple hours, came home to work for a couple hours, then returned to the conference for the afternoon. When we had a funnel cloud and the sirens went off for about 15 minutes.

Kitten Thunder was NOT happy with me for not being home when something loud and scary was going on. My poor, stressed out grey kitten was already in a state over the huge hail storm we’d had the night before. He and I had been upstairs when it started. It was LOUD. SO LOUD. Oliver declared that we needed to go back downstairs. I joined The Boy, looking out the door at the storm, while Oli loudly demanded that we come back to the hallway – the interior space away from windows as the guy on the radio is always saying.

This morning I had the luxury of only having to be at the conference at 7 a.m. So at least I got up at my normal time. 

I had my clothes on, hair and makeup done, and breakfast eaten before I needed to leave so I turned to the grey kitten. “Oliver, let’s go have a quick snuggle before I have to leave.”

Oli sat down and gave me a hard stare. Quick? Leave?

In a way that made it clear that he found NOTHING he liked in that sentence, Oliver stood and walked slowly up the stairs. He flicked his tail with attitude as he turned the corner and left my sight.

No snuggle for The Girl.


2 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Sentence?

  1. I completely understand the cat’s perspective 😉

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