Ceiling Cat


I was sitting on the couch, wondering what to blog about, when The Boy came up from the basement. The brown kitten was up in the ceiling and neither one of them knew how he was going to get out. Since Obi is a trusting kitten, I went down to see if he would let me get him.

I thought I had a better picture than this one, which I took as he was poking his head out that hole. Once he was out and I was looking at the pictures, it was too late to shove him back in for a retake.

It was not easy to get him out. Luckily he WANTED out, so he was kind of working with me. But when I took his weight in my hands he would just go limp and catch his hips on wires. And do nothing about it because he was putting himself in my hands. So I’d have to shove him back up in the ceiling. And he would glare at me.

He did finally walk over to the other side of the hole, out of the picture to the left, and come down from that direction. He let me just grab him by the armpits and ease him out of the hole head first, then hung – upside down – in my arm while I climbed off the chair.

Then he put up with some ear kisses.

Hopefully he:
a) doesn’t remember how he got into the ceiling, or
b) remembers that he didn’t like it.

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