Kittened Out

Every morning, Obi and The Boy have their belly rubbing ritual. Sometimes it doesn’t involve so much rubbing as playing with flat mousie and goofing off over on the quilt. Sometimes it lasts for a minute. Sometimes five.

This week,  the brown kitten had been… unfocused.

This morning he didn’t make it to the rug at all before The Boy delivered coffee. As I was thanking him for the morning juice, The Boy saw the brown kitten arrive and gave him another chance.

They went to the quilt. And Obi walked off. Unrubbed.

A while later, The Boy came downstairs ready for work. I asked him if the kitten had gotten his secondary rub in the upstairs bathroom. Obi often offers us a belly while we’re brushing our teeth.


Midafternoon brought another opportunity for Obi to get that belly rub. I was coming up from the basement as he came down from the upstairs. I followed him to the living room… but then he turned left and went through the entry way, the dining room, the kitchen, the hallway, the living room, the entry way, the dining room…

I stopped following him.

So. Three belly rub attempts. Three failures.

The Boy did manage to get an actual belly rub in during his lunch hour. Which is good because he wasn’t home this evening and I hate to see a kitten suffer. Even if it is all his fault.



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