Monthly Archives: July 2014

Ruining Lives

Over the past several weeks, the fortress is our entryway has gotten out of control. I’ve rearranged. I’ve stacked. I’ve gotten more boxes.


Today, The Boy was being super productive. He worked on the laundry room and mowed the lawn and mopped the floors and ran the dishwasher and then emptied the dishwasher. I…watched a movie and worked out.

I was going to even things out by buying groceries. But then he would cook and be more productive again. So I decided to tackle the fortress.

I’m not heartless. I left three boxes and some paper. But still, lives were ruined.


Poor kittehs.

Oliver had a little chat with me after dinner and made me realize this competition with The Boy is all in my head. For one thing, I have greatly undervalued my role of couch sitter. Kitten Thunder prefers that I limit my movement to make supervision easier. Can you imagine how hard their lives would be if I went all the places The Boy did in a day? Especially if I were to DO things?

Plus…snuggles. Five hundred productivity points for snuggles and a bonus twenty for ear kisses.

I win.


Special Delivery

This past weekend, The Boy and I were in Utah with my family for our annual trip to an amusement park. When we returned on Monday evening, the kittehs were not happy with us. We had, after all, been gone for days or months or years.

Never fear. I am very good at buying forgiveness.

I stepped out onto the porch to get the mail. Obi went to the door with me, ever obsessed with the possibility of a miller. About 20 flew out of the mailbox as I pulled the envelopes out. They were gone before I had a chance to react.

As I stepped inside, though, I saw wings fluttering on the stack of papers in my hand. “Obi! You’ve got mail.” I held the envelope down at kitten height. A happy brown kitten knocked the miller to the floor, then took his moth to the cave to play.


Oliver required a gift as well: my stinky shoes.


OutTV Expansion

You know how your cable provider is always adding new channels of quality programming without increasing the cost? Yeah, me neither. But The Boy is better than the cable company. Last week, Obi was eager to show me what he and The Boy had done in the laundry room.

He started low, to build suspense. He really likes the climbing wall that The Boy exposed.


But look! A NEW channel of OutTV! We’re not exactly sure why they covered this window with a wall. Obi very much enjoys sitting on that piece of wood, where he can rest while watching the new channel.

He was certain The Boy would leave it there.


Because why would you mess with such an awesome climbing wall?


While Obi was showing me this, The Boy brought down some insulation. And Oliver watched from a safe distance.



Right after this, The Boy got the thumbs up from me and took out the climbing wall. Obi is mad. But he’ll be happy in the long run – a new window and a very deep sill are in the works.