The Catmanity

Oliver and Obi went 50 hours without breakfast. The Boy and I went back to my hometown to see my friends who were in town for their reunion and our kitteh sitter want available. Since it was just one day that they would have to subsist on crunchies, I didn’t call any of our backup sitters. It was cruel. I know. Someone should call the ASPCA.

Cousin Spade was a good host. He very much enjoyed when we returned home late at night after being out drinking with my friends. He helped me brush my teeth. He drank my contact solution. When I moved him over to the stool, he stuck his head up into my towel hanging on the wall and wore it like a veil. Silly kitty.

And he shared his OutTV.


But it’s hard to be on your best behavior when there’s company. Right before we left he refused to come inside from the back yard and threw a major fit. Now he’s grounded. Poor kitty.

And now we’re home. The kittehs were feed. Bellies have been rubbed. We were properly punished and now it is time to go upstairs to read and snuggle with a grey kitten. Happy kitty.


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