Not a Big Deal

As you know, me leaving the house is generally unacceptable in Kitten Thunder’s opinion. So I was very casual about getting up at way too early this morning and getting dressed while the kittehs ate breakfast.

No big deal.

Nothing to worry about.

The kittehs were not fooled. They pulled out the big guns.


Obi casually made himself at home in my lap while I was drinking coffee. No big deal. Not a big thing for my unsnuggly brown kitten to show up instead of the super snuggle grey kitten.

And he wouldn’t leave. I petted. I kissed. I took his picture. Nothing would move Obi from his post. No torture was great enough to convince him that he’d rather have me leave.

He was holding me down at all costs.

Alas, it was all for nothing. Here I sit at a conference.

We both wish he’d won.

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