Oliver is a poor put down upon soul. Aside from the before the breakfast bell snuggle, the after breakfast snuggle, the midmorning desk snuggle, the lunchtime snuggle, the works over snuggle and the all evening snuggle, he hardly gets any attention.

And sometimes I decide to work out instead of snuggling. Oliver objects to this on two fronts. First, not snuggling. Second, he prefers me fluffy under the skin because I make a better napping platform that way.

Anyway, you can see how a kitten would have to beg for attention around here.

And he does.

Oliver generally enters a room with a soulful cry to let us all know he is terribly sad and neglected. Sure, I call out to him. But it’s like I expect him to find me and instigate the attention getting.

Poor. Put down upon.

Today he walked into the office and gave me a big cry. Instantly, I dropped everything and turned my chair to face him. “Hello, Bunnyman!” I said cheerily and patted my lap.

Oliver looked at me suspiciously. He took one step forward and mewed a little.

I patted my lap again. “I think we should absolutely have a middle of the afternoon desk snuggle.”

Oli set his front paws on my lap and looked into my eyes. Of course I picked him up – why should he have to do everything? While I kissed him on the paws and scritched his back, Oliver looked thoughtful.

Then he gave me a hard headbutt to the chin and hopped of my lap. He stopped once on his way to the kitchen to fix me with one last look. And afternoon snuggle seems like overkill, doesn’t it?


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