The Least They Could Do

A note from Oliver:

My Girl has been very busy lately. I don’t like that. Her job is to be here with me. She’s supposed to snuggle me and pet me and feed me. And she can do the same things for Obi too, if she really wants to.

But that’s all the sharing I should have to do.

Sometimes she comes home and she smells like dog. Dogs are gross. But, honestly, I prefer that she pet dogs more than other cats. She’s my Girl. Poco did all her training and gave My Girl to me when I was a kitten.

Other cats should get their own girl. Or a boy. The Boy is pretty decent if you can’t have My Girl. Obi actually seems to prefer The Boy.

The Girl says every cat should have their own people and that’s why she leaves the house sometimes. She says she’s helping the place where they keep brothers – the place where she got Obi so he could be my brother.

She says that we are bored. Or something. I don’t know what that means, but I like the present the sent me to thank me for lending them My Girl. It’s great when it is warm from the dryer.


It’s even better when she wears it.


One response to “The Least They Could Do

  1. Adorable!

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