Ladies and Gentlemen…

The Beatles!

I’m a big Beatles fan. So when I saw an infographic on Pinterest the other day that said cat people are more likely to think George Harrison was the best Beatle and dog people prefer Paul McCartney? Well, it got me humming.

Then I asked my friends on Facebook what their top five songs are. I got a great variety. And I got some that I forgot were my favorite.

Here’s my top five, in no particular order, in case you’re wondering:

I Will
In My Life
You Can Drive My Car
We Can Work It Out
Here Comes the Sun
Paperback Writer
Hello Goodbye

What? My top five can have as many songs as I want.

As people were giving me their songs, I was treating my ears to music ala YouTube. And then I stumbled upon the tribute concert that was recorded a year after George Harrison’s death. Of course I decided to listen.

Almost immediately, a brown kitten appeared in my lap. He sat there, looking at the computer and listening intently. When they started playing Harrison’s songs Obi started to purr. And he stayed there in my lap for the entire concert.

Cats seem to prefer George Harrison too.


6 responses to “Ladies and Gentlemen…

  1. That’s hilarious. It would make a great t-shirt that you could sell in your shop– “Cats Prefer George Harrison.” As in:

    I don’t always listen to The Beatles, but when I do, I prefer George Harrison. -The Most Interesting Cat in the World

    Here in Seattle we have a fantastic Beatles tribute band, Creme Tangerine, that recently played at the Seattle Center to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ arrival in the Emerald City. Those guys do real justice to the Lads from Liverpool and their front man, Byron Prather, is a kick to watch.

  2. The fact that you love the Beatles makes me love you all the more. Also, your list of favorite songs is perfect.

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