Brotherly Love

While I got up at my normal time this morning, I had to be at a conference at 7 a.m. This means that I only got a short snuggle with Oliver.

When I got home, I plopped down on the couch with my lunch and was joined quickly by a brown kitten. Obi claimed my lap and settled in for a long nap. I worked this same conference last night so the kittehs got a two hour lunch yesterday. He was angling for a repeat.

A few minutes later, Oliver arrived. He looked at Obi. He looked at me. Brother. Me. Obi. Me.

I thought for sure he would jump up and chase Obi away. But I underestimated brotherly love.

Oliver climbed gingerly onto my chest. He thought hard and tried to build a strategy. He looked at me with an uncertain plan.

“Do it,” I said.

The grey kitten plunked. As he fell, I caught him with one arm and swept him in close to my chest above his brother. Oliver and Obi both got their nap.

I got a killer bicep workout in one arm.

And all wax right with the world.


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