Obi is holding me down on the couch. He has had enough productivity for one weekend. Especially if he isn’t going to benefit from it.

Yesterday, I was cleaning the kitchen when The Boy came to see where Kitten Thunder was. I happened to know they were upstairs – it was 75 degrees outside so I’d turned all the smell-o-vision on. But as soon as The Boy shut the door to the basement, Obi appeared to be unhappy about it.

He sat at the closed door and cried. I told him that he would like what The Boy was doing but that he didn’t need to help. The brown kitten plunked to the floor in a heap of forlorn fluff.

Later, when all the noise was done in the basement, Obi and I went down to look. It was amazing! The new channel of OutTV in the laundry room was upgraded to smell-o-vision. He was very happy.

Until he tried to climb into the ceiling from his new, extra deep window sill.

I took him down and kissed his ears. Then I closed the window and tied the plastic back over the project. In another week the project will be over and the brown kitten will be able to enjoy it unsupervised. Until then…

The Boy giveth and The Girl taketh away.


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