Monthly Archives: October 2014

Stop Bugging Me

There’s a bug climbing up the wall in my office where I’m working.


As you can see, Obi is on the case.


He’ll get to it when he gets to it.


Attack of the Poppy Floor

Oliver is the alpha cat in our house. He’s bigger. He’s more pushy when it comes to food. But every once in a while, Obi decides not to stop when Oliver is done playing.

Oli is also alpha whiner.

“Are you playing?” I called from my office the other day when Oli was crying. I could see them on the living room rug. Obi’s teeth were deep in one of Oliver’s shoulder.

There was more screaming. And yelling. Then hissing.

Hissing is my cue to intervene.

I strolled out to the living room and Obi released his brother. I picked up the brown kitten to give him some kisses while Oli took refuge in the fort.

But then things went from bad to worse for the grey kitten. The floor of the fort grabbed his foot and wouldn’t let go!

As he raced from the box, I saw a sheet of bubble wrap stuck to his foot. He spun in circles trying to escape. It took several seconds for me to catch him and save him from tape and bubbles.

Thoroughly upset, Oliver went to the rug to wash his foot. This was going to take some serious licking. Obi went to the rug to help, licking Oliver’s head to comfort him.

Brothers have to stick together when one gets sticky.